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If you are a teacher or workshop leader or after school program deity, we can offer you discounts for classroom sets of the Courage Anthology! Send an email directly to Gabriel at SCB Distributors ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to find out the discount rates for bulk orders like yours. 


The Courage Anthology was designed as a vehicle to deliver poetry to teenage girls that would address the unique experiences of teenage girlhood and be interesting to them as an audience.  The poems represent a wide range of styles and subject matter and are written from a kaleidoscope of perspectives. As the editors write in the introduction, the poems are not all easy or "classroom friendly." And not every topic is covered and not every voice is represented because one book can't contain it all. The poems were chosen for inspiring courage through voice, and together, they are an entrance into a much larger world.

With teachers and workshop leaders in mind, the Courage Anthology was organized in to eight sections that we hope would spark critical thinking and personal exploration:

Made of Lightning (On Body and Identity)

The Hurricane Sermons (On Endurance and Truth)

For Teeth (On Power and Protection)

How To Eat Sugarcane (On Love and Loss)

From The Echo Chamber (On Being and Becoming)

Bloodline (On Family and Faith)

Mirror Anthems (On Esteem and Exposure)

The Wild Language of Stars (On Healing and Living)