Interview With Andrea Gibson


 What advice do you wish you had gotten as a teen?

       "You're going to spend most of your life trying to unlearn everything you've been taught." 

Tell us about a time when you were brave, or bravery was required of you, or you saw someone else being brave.          

       I have almost debilitating stage fright, so I would say the first time I ever took a stage to read a poem was one of the bravest moments of my life.   My hands were shaking so intensely the paper in my hands was louder than my voice. I was terrified. But that moment saved my life.

How do you start a poem? Give us a window into your process.

       I run around my house screaming at the walls and the chairs and the doorknobs.  I dance and whisper and stand on my head and and jump up and down until the words find their way into my heart.I can't write without moving.I can't write when my blood is sitting still.   

What is your motto for getting through the tough times?    

       The only thing we really ever have control over is where we put our attention.